Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What is the best marketing popular tool in India?

When you have your own business or you are the Marketing manager you always try to find out new ways for the marketing or promotion of your business or products. In India its very difficult to find out the right marketing strategy because investing money on marketing with the non expert marketing company may spoil your company’s brand value. here we are providing you some best marketing tools which are easily available and any one can afford.
Bulk Email Solutions
In the current era people are more depending on internet its found 12 times in a day maximum people are checking their emails so you can create some beautiful mailers for your business or products and you can push those mailers to your targeted audiences. Its also very important for your website SEO because you can hyperlink your website with any Image or any Text which can generate daily hits for your website.
Bulk Sms Solutions
The whole world is in your hand. Yes its very true and its possible just because of the latest telecom technologies mainly mobile phones in India 80% people using mobile phones and some companies phones are duel sim meaning there is one person which having two different numbers so what it mean? its mean there is huge scope of mobile marketing and its very cheap and any one can afford it. if we search in the market there is multiple service provider are available who are providing Bulk SMS Services and one SMS cost approx 8 Paisa to 25 Voice which is much cheaper then your TV or Poster ad.
Voice Call Solutions
Yes Voice call solutions is also very good and affordable tool for the marketing specially on those areas where people are not able to read the messages or they do not have the television so we can record our 30 to 60 sec voice clip and that voice clip we can push via (OBD) Out bond dialer. Voice Call Solutions is for effective for the farmers, Villagers.
Missed Call Alert Solutions
Recently Missed Call alert service is very popular for generating new business or leads because very cheap and easy to manage. These solutions generate high quality database along with the geographic location.
Long Code and Short Code Service
Short Code and Long Code both the same services but the charges and end user’s cost is different for more details about short code.

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Promote Your Business Cost Effective Bulk SMS Solution provider

Are you looking for a new methods to advertise your business, or your products, Either online or in the real world? Let us recommend a very unique way that could help you in many ways to make exposure about your business, by sending Bulk  sms to your client. It is a unique way that will give your clients a great impression about how professional is your business. provides a very helpful service when it comes to an innovative messaging system. The system allows customers to use it everywhere.

Along with all kinds of wireless applications, can identify, and develop a wide range of SMS utilities.

If you are looking for an easier way of branding and maintaining dynamic marketing, advertising and communication concepts you can do it now through the SMS system.

The company affirms to use advanced technology, so effectiveness will not be a problem. You can register now if you wish, and you can take a look at the payment section in order to know more about how to buy sms text message credit.

The site also offers special packages for high marketing campaigns with high volume purschase to send sms with lower validiy of bulk sms.

If you want to get more information about the coverage map, in addition to the pricing details you can check the FAQ section.

As a conclusion, with this tool you can improve your company’s utilities and performance just by using sms. This sounds as an easy way to get to your customers through an immediate text messaging solution.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016



Festive season is here and a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers and clients. You can plan out effective marketing strategies during festivals that will help you in making a better connection with your customers and increase your sale.
Today there are many ways to market product or service. One of the best, high ROI, cost-effective, instant and targeted marketing platform is SMS Marketing.
Proper Bulk SMS campaign can increase sale upto 200% in just a couple of days during the festivals. Many popular Brands use bulk SMS for marketing their products or services.
Here are the few tips on how you can use Bulk SMS this festive season to increase sale:
Welcome New Customers: Sending an SMS to welcome a new customer is an effective way of showing interest and contributes to a high level of customer service. More particularly, if a customer has signed up to an online newsletter or opted in to a SMS marketing list, it’s good practice to let them know that their details have been received and their interest in the company is appreciated.
Discount Offers: 97% text messages are opened within minutes. 42% of shoppers say sales and discounts are the most important factor for festive shopping and they prefer SMS over emails.
Mobile Coupon Redemption: Coupons delivered via SMS have redemption rates 10 times higher than the printed coupons.

Send Festival Greeting SMS: Festive season is the time when usually people willing to do shopping and sending the festive greeting SMS at this time will surely bring customers to your shop again.
Using links to promote your online presence: You can incorporate links in SMS messages to encourage the customer to look at your site and view seasonal promotions, new products and blogs. Smartphone capabilities can effectively ensure that customers are simply a text and a click away from viewing your site.
Order confirmations and delivery updates: Contacting customers with an SMS text to let them know that their order has been received is another significant way of providing exemplary customer service. In addition, it’s helpful for customers to know the status of their order, estimated delivery times and when their package is on the way.

The list is endless and don’t forget, people like to receive text messages, make your customers Happy!! Mobile Marketing offers significantly more targeted reach communicating with customers who want to hear from you while also offering a higher return on investment than any other form of marketing.
SMS Marketing engage your customer directly, at a personal level, and can direct them straight to your business. It is important to take advantage of SMS marketing this festival season.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why Bulk SMS Services Become So Popular?

Internet and mobile network are the giant mediums of communication today. A huge number of people take advantage of these facilities to send and receive information to or from their friend and relatives. Sending mail, chat on different channels, making phone call and sending text message are some of the popular ways to get in touch with one another. These means of communication are widely used in the business or professional world also.

To help the businesses, organizations, institutes, government and nongovernment departments; bulk SMS service provider in India offer bulk SMS gate way to facilitate the process of sending text message to multiple mobile numbers at a time. Sending bulk SMS to the multiple mobile users are the most popular way to connect with a large group of subscribers. The businesses or institutes that need to deliver their updated information to their customers, clients, employees, channel partners of the potential clients; think it much easier to take their business message to them through bulk SMS services.

Sending promotional message using bulk SMS services is very cost effective and time saving process. The small businesses also avail the services to promote their business in the market. They need not waste a lot of money on building a big team to operate the process. It is very easy to send text message to numerous mobile users. Just type text directing information, feed mobile numbers and click the send button-that is all you need to do when you want to send your message to all your customers or members. Blue Eagle Infotech is one of the Bulk sms service provider in India who make the bulk SMS services much more compatible and affordable for all kinds of businesses and individuals.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Get more customers from our Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Given that SMS marketing services and promotional SMS services are cost-effective and result-oriented, the bulk SMS services in India are on a rise. SMS marketing platform allows you to share intended information in a number of ways such as coupons, appointments, reminders, occasions, feedback, votes, challenges, etc. Bulk SMS marketing is quick (average response time for text messages is 90 seconds) and are a quantifiable marketing tool.
1) Create your customer database
2) Refer prospects to your business website
3) Have a flexible approach
4) Make use of your sender ID
With our SMS marketing services you can gain complete control of fastest communications whenever you desire to contact your customers located at Mumbai , Bangalore , Chennai , Punjab , Hyderabad ,noida , gurgaon . Corporate companies gain huge benefits with our bulk SMS services in India.
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Bulk Sms Services Provider company in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India. It is popularly stated that Mumbai never sleeps. Hence, effective marketing tools are a necessity to reach out to the mobile users in Mumbai. Due to the large number of mobile operators in Mumbai, tele-marketing approaches might seem difficult to adopt and it is quite tedious to reach out to prospective customers.

One of the most popular and highly successful marketing tools is the bulk SMS services in Mumbai. It is a simple tool that helps you reach a large number of mobile users across Mumbai regardless of the mobile network that they use.

BulkSmsmantra’s bulk SMS gateway in Mumbai is designed in such a way as to meet the TRAI regulations and is the best bulk SMS provider in Mumbai. We provide a number of wireless technologies that include toll free numbers, virtual mobile numbers, IVR, voice SMS and many more that help you in expanding your business.

The easy-to-use application that we provide does not require installation and is very advantageous for the users. It is a web-based application that can be accessed 24x7 adding flexibility to the marketing campaign. This also gives you an opportunity to promote the product round the clock. To gain positive results in your business, choose our bulk SMS service in Mumbai.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Advantages of bulksmsmantra Bulk Sms Software for Mobile Marketing

No more guesswork. Reach out to your real customers with laser-sharp precision on their cell phones. In other advertising media such as print, electronic, outdoor or direct marketing, your buyers may be hidden among the numerous people who see your ad.

Bulk Sms Marketing of bulksmsmantra is different from other mobile advertising agencies. We let you focus your ads with precision only on your actual target audience. No hunting for the needle in the haystack here!

Our cell phone advertising system will automatically match your ads according to your specifications of audiences’ physical location, interests, demography, and even on the mobile sets they carry. Once your SMS mobile marketing campaign starts running and responses pour in, you will get a wealth of information to focus your campaign better. Our ROI statistics will help you understand your targeted audiences’ behavior and further analyze and improve the campaign performance.

Start today to better control your SMS advertising campaigns.
Take a look at how precisely you can focus your campaign with

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Friday, 23 September 2016

Bulk SMS Service Provider India : Send Bulk SMS Online

Bulk SMS Service Provider India : Send Bulk SMS Online

Bulk SMS Company in India - Hey everyone now no need to worry about how to get more leads for your business, how to became your biz famous, how to spread messages to your potential customer or existing one? We will help you to spread your wings everywhere.

Bulk sms mantra, is registered Bulk SMScompany in India, that provides more reliable, cost effective, time consuming, best customer support and quality services to their customers.
There are lots of mobile marketing techniques like SMS alert, Business SMS, Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS software, but functionality of all are almost similar. So its time to do something that must be easier and simplest way to broadcast your SMS wherever you want. Seeing this scenario, we established our Bulk SMS company in India. Under this name we provides best Bulk SMS services in India, that is the latest and simplest way to expand your work in sort span of time.
Bulk sms mantra believes to work on innovative and modern ideas, So we are here to introduce you with best mobile marketing strategy who are entering in business world, industry or dreaming to have their venture.
There are lot of Bulk SMS company in india that provides this kind of services, but we bulk sms mantra work differently out of them. We never break trust of our customer because we believe "customer is king". Our professionals are very dedicated and enthusiastic , they always response quickly. Everyone know there are lots of Bulk SMS service provider, out of them we are one of the best Bulk SMS provider in India that sends Bulk SMS in India to the potential customer.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Best Lowest Bulk SMS service Provider Company in India

Sending bulk sms messages through mobiles have many problems, they are not cost effective, typing messages on mobile is time consuming process, selecting recipient is also difficult. Since they are targeting a large volume of people, hence they need a software that can send sms to many people. They require a tool which is able to send messages in bulk and in this way help them to promote their product and save their costs and time.
Bulk SMS is sending or receiving messages in large volume i.e. sms in bulk. The benefit of bulk sms messaging is that one single sms can be sent to a group in a single shot and in very short time (in minutes only). Due to its low cost, the trend of bulk sms messaging in India is increasing. There are some services available which allow sending free sms in India. These services also offer group sms services in which a single message can be sent to a group at a time.