Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Transactional bulk sms service lower the price bigger the Advantages

Have you noticed all those SMS  with contact numbers flashing on phone, especially for coaching centers, banks, colleges, etc. Well, yes, you might have noticed by did not pay any attention to it because, you did not bother to know about those. And the reason being, those were of no use to you.
But since you have stepped in the industry, you can fairly recognize the use and thought of incorporating it in your business to achieve better outputs.
Well, this is a great idea, but before that, you will have to learn what transactional SMS is and what the guidelines are for using the Transactional bulk SMS services.
What transactional SMS stands for?
Well, like any other messaging system, the transactional SMS is also the Short Message Service, which revolves around sending a SIX CHARACTER SENDER ID. These messages, apart the promotional ones are only for contact sharing and referred as service message. Those who want to use the Bulk SMS service for Transaction SMS, they should learn the know-how.
What are the benefits of using the transactional message for business?
It has precise ID.
The message is deliverable over DND and Non-DND numbers.
The message works in the prohibited area of Jammu & Kashmir as well.
The working of the message is 24/7.
The message is never delayed. It is transferred in just a few microseconds.
What are guidelines to be followed if signing up a contract with transactional service?
There are no harsh rules though, yet there are certain guidelines, which the user must know before hiring the Transactional SMS services. For example, the main and important one is that the message is a service message and its identity should not be forged as promotional. Also, as these guidelines may vary from service provider to service provider, you must know the rules from the company, you are associating with.
Is there any statutory precaution to be followed while sending transactional SMS?
Well, there are no such hard and fast deals, but yes, if you are sending messages, you must keep track of the record. Any time, you may require showing up the database.
What are the most common places, these messages are used?

For bank notification
For the OTP and password
For order confirmation
For updating the shipping details
For the cancellation of train and air tickets

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Using Bulk SMS Marketing to Promote Live Events and Conferences

Live events and conferences are among the many ways that Bulk SMS marketing can be used to communicate with audiences. SMS (Short Message Service) can be used both to promote your event and to make it more efficient, exciting and interactive. It allows you to keep attendees updated on the latest information. It also lets audience members give feedback in many different ways. Let’s look at some of the ways that Bulk SMS marketing can be leveraged for live events and conferences.

How to Use SMS at Live Events

A live event can be a concert, lecture, seminar or any type of performance or presentation. It may be for business, education, sports or entertainment purposes. Bulk SMS makes it possible to engage the audience and get valuable feedback in a number of ways.

First of all, Bulk Service SMS can be used to promote your event and increase participation. You may use other types of marketing as well, but text messages are more likely to be read than other types of communication, such as emails.

You can text people to let them know about your events. Once they’ve signed up, you can send out messages to remind them. If there’s an admission charge, you might text people a coupon that they can use for a discount. Customers can text a keyword in order to access the coupon. You can also send out reminders shortly before the event.

If you have a JumboTron or other large screen at your event or conference, you can use text-to-screen so that text messages can appear right on the screen. People simply type in a keyword indicating a certain response to one of your short codes.

This keeps the audience engaged and provides you with valuable feedback. At a concert, audience members can vote on the song they want to hear. Speakers and celebrities can take questions that appear on the screen from audience members.

SMS Marketing for Conferences

Conferences are a type of live event, but there are specific ways that Bulk SMS can be used for conferences that are worth listing separately. As with any type of event, of course, you can promote and remind attendees of the event. Additionally:

 Get Feedback When Planning the Conference -You can use Bulk SMS messaging to get helpful feedback during the planning stages of the event. Find out what speakers and topics people are most interested in seeing. This can improve enrollment and ensure that the conference will be a success.
 Keep Attendees and Vendors Updated -If there are changes in the schedule or venues, texting is the most efficient way to keep people informed.

Make Q & A More Efficient -At a typical conference, people have to speak into a microphone to ask their questions. There may not be time to get to everyone. If people can submit their questions via text, you’ll be able to stay a step ahead of the questions and know how many there are. You may also get good questions from people who are not comfortable speaking in public.

Obtain Feedback Anonymously -There may be times that you want honest feedback that people might not be willing to give publicly. This may be how they felt about a particular speaker or how they feel about a certain product or brand. Bulk SMS gives people a chance to give their feedback anonymously. 
SMS Marketing Can Make Any Event Bigger and Better

Bulk SMS marketing allows you to take advantage of the very latest technological trends and reach people where they are most receptive –on their mobile phones. Texting is the most efficient way to gauge people’s interest about events and keep them informed of the details. It also makes it possible to have a more interactive event where people are engaged.

Whether you are planning a concert, sporting event, conference or any type of live event, Bulk SMS marketing can help make the event bigger, more engaging and more successful. Texting provides the most efficient way to communicate with people, both before and during events.

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