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12 Best Places To Visit In Malvan For A Quick Escape

12 Best Places To Visit In Malvan For A Quick Escape

Malvan—a tiny town with a long picturesque stretch of white sand beaches extending from Achara Beach in the north to Devbagh Beach in the south. Malvan is blessed with some spectacular beaches, calm backwaters, age-old forts, and beautiful temples that can be explored on a quick weekend from Pune.

Here’s a small but impressive list of best places to visit in Malvan to make the most of your short weekend trip.

Natural marvels of Malvan

1. Tarkarli Beach – Indulge in enthralling water sports
2. Malvan Beach – For the sizzling nightlife
3. Devbagh Beach – Flawlessly scenic and surreal
4. Kolamb Beach – Overloaded with pristine beauty
5. Achara Beach – The virgin beach of Malvan
6. Sindhudurg Fort – The mighty gorgeous fort by the coast
7. Tsunami Island – A place for leisure and fun
8. Malvan Marine Sanctuary – For vibrant and striking marine organisms
9. Rock Garden – Place to chill and relax

Spectacular temples of Malvan

10. Rameshwar Temple – Most revered temple of Malvan
11. Jai Ganesh Temple – To calm mind, body and soul
12. Sateri Devi Jal Mandir – Of spiritual quietude and bliss

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