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This Yellowstone National Park Guide Is All You Need For An Incredible Escape

This Yellowstone National Park Guide Is All You Need For An Incredible Escape

 Yellowstone National Park, USA’s first national park is not just known for a rich biodiversity but also its geothermal features. Grizzly bears, elks, bisons and wolves are just some of the animals that call this place home. Besides, wildlife spotting, the varied landscape allows visitors to enjoy myriad of activities such as camping, fishing, and kayaking. There also is so much to see, like the Grand Canyon and vibrant Grand Prismatic Spring.

This Yellowstone Guide features most important tourist information for smoother planning of your visit. Activities, places to visit, when to go, where to stay. The Yellowstone National Park covers an area of 2,219,791 acres. It falls in the U.S states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

Yellowstone National Park attractions :

1. Old Faithful
2. Grand Prismatic Spring
3. Hayden Valley
4. Yellowstone Lake
5. Grand Canyon
6. Mammoth Hot Springs
7. Mount Washburn

Things to do in Yellowstone National Park

There are plenty of activities to indulge in Yellowstone National Park, whether you’re a slow traveler or an adrenaline-junky. Here’s a list of what to expect in terms of things to do in Yellowstone National Park:

1. Camping under the starlit sky
2. Kayaking amidst crystal clear waters
3. Biking through the scenic landscape
4. Fishing during the sunset
5. Wildlife viewing and sightseeing
6. Skiing your way to glory

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