Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Top 10 Underrated Beaches In India You Need To Explore

Top 10 Underrated Beaches In India You Need To Explore

Haven’t you always wished for abandoned pleasures, solitary moments of pure ecstasy on a beach or whoever you would like to be marooned on a beach with? Well, we are not exactly hinting on being castaway here, but rather about luxuriating in the lap of seclusion under the spindly shadows of palms and mangroves swaying with the sea breeze hitting the shore.

The feeling when you are all tickled to death about your beach vacation, only to find half the beach thronged by a sea of people is something many of us can relate with. And if you happen to be one of the bunch, then read on about the unexplored, unheard, unspoiled, lesser known, lesser crowded, and lesser appreciated beaches India’s fabulous coastline has to offer.

Pack up for your next beach holiday assured of lesser souls around and a renewed sense of excitement. Bliss is the only absolute to look forward to.

1. Ottinene Beach, Karnataka

2. Guhagar Beach, Maharashtra

3. Butterfly Beach, Goa

4. Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

5. Chandipur Beach, Orissa

6. Om Beach, Karnataka

7. Cherai Beach, Kerala

8. Lalaji Bay Beach, Andaman Islands

9. Tip Beach, Lakshadweep

10. Tilmati Beach, Karnataka

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