Friday, 9 February 2018

9 Best Places to Enjoy the Scintillating Pattaya Nightlife

9 Best Places to Enjoy the Scintillating Pattaya Nightlife

Dazzling nightclubs, neon lights, peppy crowds and the signature go-go bars are exactly what make Pattaya in Thailand makes the Pattaya nightlife so frenzy and lively. With so much to places to visit in Thailand, Pattaya can’t be missed out on the list. Whether you are a party animal or a sensible experience seeker this wonderful location has so much to explore.

The list we have compiled here will give you a really dreamy idea of what Pattaya’s nightlife is all about. The pumping music, delightful beers and really delectable range of cocktails on offer are going to delight you in a manner that no other place can. To add to it, the cabaret shows here are sure to bowl you over!

Best Places to Enjoy Pattaya Nightlife

1. Horizon Bar
2. The Hard Rock Café
3. 808 Nightclub
4. FFlic Cliff and Pool Club
5.  Planet Earth Beach Club
6. Alcazar Cabaret Show
7. Beach Road Soi 7
8. The Pier Disco Club
9. Marine Disco

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