Thursday, 8 February 2018

Romantic Restaurants In Delhi You Should Visit This Valentine’s Day

Romantic Restaurants In Delhi You Should Visit This Valentine’s Day

One of the most beautiful days of the year is about to arrive. With plans on spilling the bean happening for over months and weeks, the Valentine’s Day is one romantic occasion people courage up and decide to tell their loved one how much they mean to them. On the equal end of the spectrum, it is also the time people, especially those who know something pleasant is cooking between the two of them, expect their partners to make special arrangements, curate their preferred gifts and likes, set up the mood and confess their love in a poetic way.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are in, ambience plays a crucial role and to help you make your day all the more special, we have come up with a list of romantic restaurants in Delhi that offer the perfect vibes for your partner to say yes to your proposal. Be it a candlelight dinner, a soft romantic dinner or an evening filled with live music, it is on you to make the day as much special as possible. Read on to find out where you can take him or her out on the Valentine’s Day and make it count this year.

Romantic Restaurants

1. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant: Approximate Price for Two: INR 2,600
2. Fio:  Approximate Price for Two: INR 4,500
3. Kiyan – The Roseate: Approximate Price for Two: INR 4,500
4. Honk – Pullman: Approximate Price for Two: 2,500
5. Bombay Bar: Approximate Price for Two: 1,600
6. Lavish by Saby: Approximate Price for Two: 2,000
7. Olive Bar and Kitchen: Approximate Price for Two: 4,000

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