Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Much More Effective Compared To Email Marketing

Bulk SMS campaigns are certainly getting a stronghold in the market and becoming one of the most cost-effective platforms for marketing and advertising. The high rates of response and higher chances of an opening are a better option when compared to that of email marketing. And this is what makes the bulk SMS marketing a better and more ideal choice for most of the big businesses and the large companies. They leverage SMS messages to make sure that their messages are sent all around to gather more and more audience support for their business. Even political campaigns have started to understand the importance of Bulk SMS marketing as opposed to Email. And why so? We’ll tell you why.

Some Reasons Why SMS Marketing Is Better

Well, the first and the foremost reason why Bulk SMS marketing is a better option because, hello, everyone has a mobile phone. Most people might not have computers and stuff but the audience does have mobile phones. Well, at least 60-70% of them do. And the number is still increasing day by day. So it is only obvious that the platform through which a message can reach the most number of people is the better one which makes SMS marketing a better option.

Another reason why Bulk SMS marketing is so great is that SMS have a higher open rate. The research shows that 45% messages are responded positively and that is way more than the email open rate which is only 38%. People most certainly read your text but I’m not sure that they do that with emails.

The CTR or the Click through Rate can be defined as the percentage of people that click on the link to a website sent via email or Bulk SMS. And research shows that SMS has a higher CTR when compared to the emails. The reason behind that is people grow impatient when reading long emails. SMS, being short and to the point, makes the reader interested.

You get the chance to actively communicate with your audience. We all know that the SMSs have higher open rates that make it a better option for updating the reader or the customer about the information that you need to share. From updates to political campaigns, you can share anything via SMS. They can be adjusted to fit according to the buying history of the clients.

With limited word limit, SMS have an organized and spaced format for delivering the important information. As compared to that, the emails are pretty lengthy and boring, filled up with unnecessary and irrelevant information. Bulk SMS  help to engage the customer and encourage coming for the service again and again.

There is no doubt about the fact that SMS marketing is a way better option than email marketing. And it is cheap too.


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