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10 Highest Mountain Peaks To Conquer In The Alps Mountains

10 Highest Mountain Peaks To Conquer In The Alps Mountains

The serrated apexes of mountains drenched in the brilliant light of the sun, spikes of light piercing through the snow, teardrop-silver color lakes amid the flower-covered meadows, the icy cold arctic air, and heavy echoes of birds chirping should paint a vivid picture of the Alps mountains in your mind.

The Alps is among the most popular destinations in the world for adventurous activities including hiking, trekking, climbing, and skiing. The incredibly massive Alps stretches across 8 countries: France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. The highest ten peaks of the Alps are situated in Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Highest mountain peaks in the captivating Alps

1. Mont Blanc at 15,774 ft above sea level
2. Monte Rosa at 15,203 ft above sea level
3. Dom at a height of 14,911 ft
4. Lyskamm at a height of 14,852 ft above sea level
5. Weisshorn at a height of 14,783 ft
6. Matterhorn at a height of 14,692 ft
7. Dent Blanche at an elevation of 14,295 ft
8. Grand Combin at an elevation of 14,154 ft
9. Finsteraarhorn at an elevation of 14,022 ft
10. Zinalrothorn at an elevation of 13,848 ft above sea level

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