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15 Amazing Hill Stations In Uttarakhand: From The Most Popular Hill Towns To The Unexplored Ones

15 Amazing Hill Stations In Uttarakhand: From The Most Popular Hill Towns To The Unexplored Ones

With myriad rivers originating from the spiritual lands of Uttarakhand, it is only normal to expect some of the best hill stations to be present here. While these hill stations in Uttarakhand offer amazing views of snow clad mountains in winters, the same places serve as summer escapades; away from the scorching summer temperature in the plains.

These destinations in the Uttarakhand hills are bordered by Tibet in the north, Nepal in the east, Himachal Pradesh in the west, and the Ganga plains in the south. And the thrill quotient is always high, thanks to the plethora of adventure activities. From trekking to mountain biking, from rappelling to paragliding, and from camping to jet skiing; Uttarakhand offers all of these and more.

So, to familiarise you with the famous as well as the unexplored hill stations of Uttarakhand, we bring to you a hand-picked list. Do check these out before booking an Uttarakhand tour package.

Famous Hill Stations In Uttarakhand

1. Nainital: The land of devis and lakes
2. Mussoorie: Often coveted as ‘The Queen of the Hills’
3. Dehradun: The capital of Uttarakhand, tucked away in Doon Valley

Lesser Known Hill Stations In Uttarakhand

4. Abbott Mount: A dwarf hill station in Uttarakhand hills
5. Askot: The land of 80 forts on Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrimage route
6. Auli: If it’s alluring, it must be Auli
7. Chaukori: Tea gardens detached from all sorts of artificiality
8. Dhanaulti: A delightful weekend getaway from Delhi
9. Gangolihat: Religious hub in the Uttarakhand Hills
10. Gwaldam: A potpourri of Garhwali & Kumaoni cultures
11. Jageshwar: Not just another religious town in the Uttarakhand hills
12. Kausani: The Switzerland of India
13. Khirsu: Yet another religious hamlet in the Uttarakhand hills
14. Pauri: Garhwali hill town blessed with natural exquisiteness
15. Ramgarh: Fruit Bowl of Kumaon


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