Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bali In July: 12 Pictures That Give A Glimpse Of The Enchantment

Bali In July: 12 Pictures That Give A Glimpse Of The Enchantment

Bali, being the gem it is, needs no introduction whatsoever. The crystal coastline, tropical forests, and volcano views weave a panorama you’d always admire. This island paradise is bestowed with not just nature’s brilliance, but also maddening party scenes, buzzing shopping scenario and many man made attractions. Though this is a year round destination, Bali in July particularly is suggested, thanks to the pleasant weather condition and comparatively lesser crowd.

During this time of the year, you are far away from the monsoon season (November to April). There is enough sunshine, less humidity and the temperature swings in twenties. We dedicate this blog to Bali in July, giving you glimpses of all that awaits!

1. Just a glance at the Pool villas in Bali will put you in the holiday mood
2. Sky’s the limit for those who wish to explore Bali through helicopter tour
3. All the sunrise views you’ve ever seen look nothing in front of Mount Batur sunrise trek
4. The Temples in Bali aren’t just about spirituality, but also legends and architecture
5. There’s so much island hopping that awaits too
6. Bali’s nightlife will enliven you from within
7. An adventure-seeker cannot have enough of watersports in Bali
8. For a wildlife lover, Bali is full of possibilities
9. A dinner date at beach is among the most romantic things to do in Bali
10. The Balinese cuisine never fails to titillate our taste buds
11. Ubud Monkey Forest is a delightful place to interact with the adorable creatures
12. You get to explore the underwater wonderland as you indulge in Scuba diving

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