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8 Inviting Places For A Honeymoon In October

8 Inviting Places For A Honeymoon In October

They say, couple that travels together; stays together! And that answers the idea behind destination wedding and honeymoon. Couples explore places, hide in the lazy retreat, and chance upon gorgeous escapades, thus creating wonderful moments. Love blooms in the coziest spaces, which answers an escape during romantic weather and hence a honeymoon in October.

October is special because it’s the time when the fall is at its best, colors make the perfect setting and love swirls in the air. Mediterranean region, Northern Europe, and hidden islands along the East coast of Africa particularly exude cascading colors, which can be experienced in October. That’s the time when birds flee to these quaint spaces. October weather is pleasant and romantic settings make a honeymoon even more exciting. For a discerning shutterbug like you, the custom shades of autumn would give you an unbelievable backdrop for every frame. Still not sure about where to go on honeymoon in October? Read on!

World’s 10 best honeymoon places in October

1. Corsica – Sweet spot for lovers in France
2. Reunion Island – French beauty in the Indian Ocean
3. Siena – Bohemian charm in the heart of Tuscany, Italy
4. Reykjavik – For a romantic escape in Iceland
5. Cairo – Egypt flaunts the best of desert & ocean
6. Mozambique – The best of turquoise honeymoon in Africa
7. Maldives – Wanna try some island therapy in South Asia this fall?
8. Vietnam – For the love of mist & green hills in Southeast Asia


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