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15 Things To Do In Dehradun For An Adventurous Yet Relaxing Vacation!

15 Things To Do In Dehradun For An Adventurous Yet Relaxing Vacation!

People often tend to miss out on exploring the myriad of hidden treasures that Dehradun beholds while on their way to Mussoorie or other neighboring hill stations. From caves, monasteries, temples, markets, waterfalls, to medicinal springs, there’s a lot to be explored and experienced in Dehradun. So, we’ve put down some of the best things to do in Dehradun in the listicle below so that you never miss out on the beauty and adventure of scouting this city.

Mere hours away from Delhi NCR, Dehradun is a complete package of adventure and nature. There’s no end to how much one can explore on their trip to this captivating little hill town.

15 Best Things To Do In Dehradun

1. Seek The Thrill Of Robber’s Cave
2. Dip in the medicinal waters of Sahastradhara
3. Family Picnic At Lachhiwala
4. Paragliding
5. Marvel At The Breathtaking Architecture Of Forest Research Institute
6. Seek Serenity At Mindrolling Monastery
7. Seek Spiritual Comfort At Tapkeshwar Temple
8. Fill Your Heart With Pride At Chetwode Hall
9. Nightlife In Dehradun
10. Shopping At Tibetan Market
11. Gorge On Baked Goods At Ellora’s

Things To Do Near Dehradun

12. Jungle Safari in Rajaji National Park
13. Trekking
14. Embrace Nature At Tiger Falls
15. Malsi Deer Park

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